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Client services & support

A metering & billing provider that will meet your needs

In a market that is constantly changing, accurate metering & billing solutions can only help you get so far if you do not feel supported by your provider. Not only should you feel confident that heat tariffs fully recover the operational costs of your heat network, you should also be kept up to date on any regulatory changes and get the necessary support with managing debt. Luckily, Insite Energy can help you with it all.

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Support with heat network management & regulatory compliance

Ofgem, the Office of Gas and Electricty Markets, is set to introduce heat networks regulations in 2024, building on the existing regulations and guidelines. With so many different requirements, it can be difficult to stay on top of all of these while managing your heat network effectively. Luckily, we’ve got a few resources to help:

  • Monthly meetings with your dedicated account manager;
  • 24/7/365 access to our cloud-based client portal VANTAGE;
  • Back-end technology to remotely manage properties connected to your heat network;
  • Maintenance services available where remote management is unavailable or to ensure optimal network performance;
  • Notifications to update you on any news from the Government (DESNZ & OPSS);
  • Installation and commissioning services that are fully compliant with CIBSE's Heat Networks Code of Practice (CP1) and Heat Network (Metering & Billing Regulations) 2014, and;
  • Billing & maintenance services that are compliant with the Heat Trust Scheme Rules where applicable.

Accurate & fair tariff setting

With energy prices continuing to rise, the requirement to set fair and transparent tariffs has never been more important. Our tariff setting processes, perfected across 13 years, ensures residents only pay for the energy they consume, while still recovering the operational costs of your heat network:

  • In-house energy analysts to support clients with tariff and efficiency reviews;
  • Tariffs reviewed every 6-12 months to ensure operational costs remain fully covered;
  • Tariff change notices provided to customers in line with Heat Trust Scheme Rules;
  • All factors that may impact the operational costs of a heat network are covered in tariff calculations, including the cost of incoming fuel, the efficiency of the energy generating equipment, and heat losses experienced throughout the network;
  • Consultancy advice provided on how to best manage heat networks and improve efficiencies to provide customers with more reliable heat at a fair cost, and;
  • Dedicated onboarding team with SLAs that are in line with Heat Trust Scheme Rules to ensure residents are only billed for the energy they consume.
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Expert debt risk management

The lack of debt risk management can result in poor customer support and unrecovered costs. Our systems and processes effectively and fairly manage resident debt issues:

  • Tailored credit billing and debt management strategies put in place based on your specific scheme requirements;
  • A clear credit control process where customers are issued with two debt reminder letters before being escalated to their heat provider for potential legal action;
  • Support provided to residents who have difficulty paying their bills, including payment plans;
  • Continuous visibility on aged debtor reports and reconciliation reviews via our client portal, VANTAGE, and in monthly meetings;
  • Retrofit installation of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) systems offered where recovery of high-levels of resident debt is required, and;
  • External debt recovery partners on hand who can further advise on and proceed with legal recovery processes.

Contact us to see how else we can help you

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24h.

For any residential enquiries, please email

0207 036 9117

Our opening hours are 9am-5:30pm

For any residential enquiries, you can find your scheme-specific phone number on the 'My development' page.

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