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Network Efficiency Improvement Services

Reduce carbon emissions. Lower the cost of heat network operations and energy bills.

Insite’s network efficiency improvement (NEI) services help to identify where your heat network may be faulty. Supported by our maintenance services, your heat network will benefit from carbon reductions and reduced costs.

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How can I improve the efficiency of my heat network?

Providing heating and hot water to multiple residents from one energy source should be more efficient than traditional gas boilers. But over time, heat networks can become less efficient, leading to a performance gap.

To identify this gap, periodical efficiency reviews, providing recommendations to resolve issues big and small, are essential. 

  • A 10% efficiency increase in a 50-unit development can yield savings of £9,612 per year.
  • A 20% efficiency increase in a 50-unit development can generate savings of £16,121 per year

All savings can be passed onto residents, resulting in significant deficit in the heat charge recovery needed to pay the network’s gas bills.

What is included in our NEI services

Insite Energy reviews the operation of your heat network in two steps, identifying issues that reduce performance, and provide clear advice on the actions required to resolve the identified causes of inefficiency:

Step one:

  • Initial desktop survey

Step two:

  • Visual in-person inspection of your network by our engineers
  • NEI recommendations report
  • Ongoing maintenance contract proposal
  • Access to RavenResidential, an energy monitoring software to alert of any inefficiencies and underperforming assets
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Request a quote for our maintenance services

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24h.

For any residential enquiries, please email

07899 030759

Our opening hours are 9am-5:30pm

For any residential enquiries, you can find your scheme-specific phone number on the 'My development' page.

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