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South London heat network is first to receive comprehensive maintenance from Insite Energy

6th April 2023

Written by: Eelinn Vanquaethem, Marketing & Content Manager

A London-based property manager has moved away from ad-hoc callouts for heat network maintenance works at one of their developments in South London. Selecting Insite Energy for both their plant room and domestic heat network assets, the development now benefits from improved reliability as a result of proactive planned maintenance as well as reduced emergency call-out costs.

The housing project comprises five new residential buildings in a vibrant community. Across two of them, Insite Energy had already been managing the metering & billing for 70 dwellings. It is these that have benefitted from the new maintenance contract since May 2022.

Figure 1: A diagram outlining the available services under Insite Maintenance.

“Throughout a heat network, there are several points at which there is a heat loss. Most of this happens when energy travels from the plant room to each individual home,” says Steve Morris, Head of Maintenance at Insite Energy. “By providing proactive, ongoing maintenance, on top of repairing existing issues, in both the plant room and domestic dwellings, we can improve the efficiency across the network. This in turn means that costs of running it go down, making it a highly recommended service for all of our clients.”

Insite Energy provides clients with a one-year maintenance contract, allowing them to retain control of their heating services. The maintenance services Insite provides at this south-London development include an annual servicing of heat interface units, heat meters and all plant room heating assets, including the communal gas boiler. By entering a contract with Insite Energy, the client has also secured reduced call-out rates for heat network issues.

Figure 2: An efficient heat network will see decreased heat losses across the network.

Shortly after signing the contract, Insite Energy carried out an adoption audit, allowing them to spot and repair any issues early on. Proactive maintenance of the heat network will ensure that the system continues to run efficiently, ultimately providing this heat network’s residents with more beneficial heating & hot water tariffs.

Download the South London maintenance case study 

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