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Ways to top up your pay-as-you-go meter

We offer a number of ways for you to top up your meter, online, over the phone or If you prefer to top up in person, please visit your nearest PayPoint outlet.

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Below you will find all the information you need to top-up your Guru Hub or Secure pay-as-you-go meter in a way that works best for you. 

You can choose to top-up through:

  • Automatic Payments
  • Online
  • By SMS/text
  • By telephone
  • Over the counter by visiting any PayPoint location
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Automatic payments

You can set up automatic payments for your heating and hot water by registering a debit or credit card with us. You can choose between Automatic Top-ups or Scheduled Payments.

‘Automatic Top-up’ - A payment is triggered when your balance falls below a set limit. When your balance reaches this limit, a top-up payment will automatically be taken from your registered debit or credit card. You can choose the minimum balance you’d like to maintain and how much money your meter will be topped up by, either £20 or £50, by visiting our ‘top-up online’ page.

‘Scheduled Payments’ - Your chosen amount will be taken from your registered debit/credit card on a day of the month that suits you best. This may mean that you build up some unused credit during warmer months, which is likely to even itself out during the colder months.

You can change the monthly amounts whenever you like via your payment account settings here.

If you have any problems setting up automatic payments, please contact us, or call our customer service team on the dedicated support number for your building, by  entering your address or postcode here.

Topping up online

You can top-up online’ here at any time.

Once you’ve topped up, you will receive an email confirming your payment. Unfortunately, our online payment system does not currently accept American Express.

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Topping up by SMS/text

You need to register a debit or credit card with us to be able to top up via SMS. 

Register a debit or credit card

Once you have registered your debit or credit card you will need to select the option “Allow this payment card to be used for payments via SMS.”

Register your mobile for SMS payments

  • Click here to begin registering your mobile
  • Under Pay by SMS, click Register your mobile number.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Enter the confirmation code from your mobile in the box marked SMS Confirmation Code.
  • Click Confirm.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to your mobile, confirming your mobile number registration.
  • You are now ready to top-up your account using SMS/text.

How to top-up by SMS/text

Send a text to 81234 with the word PAY followed by the amount you want to top-up. For example: to top-up your credit by £20, simply send a text to 81234 saying PAY 20

You can make SMS/text payments from £5 to £150 (in any multiple of £5). Texts will be charged at your standard network rate.

Payment will always be taken from the debit or credit card you have registered for our Pay by SMS service.

Topping up by telephone

To make a debit or credit card payment over the phone, please call our customer services team between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

You can find the dedicated customer support number for your building by entering your address or postcode here.

The maximum amount you can top-up at one time is £150.00.

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Topping up at a PayPoint location

You can make a top-up payment at any location that displays the PayPoint logo.

You can add credit to your account using your heat payment card at any PayPoint location, by topping up with your chosen amount. The credit will be automatically added to the “Flexi Pay” Should this be Guru Hub Meter should this be device in your home.

When you receive your heat payment card, we will include a letter with details of your nearest PayPoint locations.

Please look after your heat payment card, as there may be a charge for issuing you with a replacement in future.

Can I top-up before my credit runs out?

You can make payments whenever you like and even build up a balance to cover periods when you might be away from your home.

Emergency credit

If your credit runs out, you can use your remaining emergency credit to keep your heating and hot water running for a little while longer, until you are able to make a top-up payment.

The amount of emergency credit that you use on each occasion will need to be paid back the next time you top-up.

Emergency credit can only be activated when your meter is at zero credit (displaying as £0.00) or below. To activate your emergency credit, please press the Activate Emergency Credit button.

Whenever you top-up your “Flexi Pay” system, your Guru Hub unit will be credited remotely. If for any reason there is a significant delay in the credit reaching your unit remotely, you can enter it manually.

Simply key in the 20-digit number which can be found on your PayPoint, SMS, email receipt, or it may be given to you verbally if you’ve topped up over the phone.

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