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How does the Guru Hub work?

Your heating and hot water use is measured using a Guru Hub, a smart energy meter. This ensures you are only charged for what you actually use along with a daily standing charge.

The Guru Hub is a popular metering and billing solution, which is linked to our 'PayPoint' payment system. Your Guru Hub allows you to easily monitor your heat & hot water use, as well as the payments you make.

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We have two types of Guru Hub meters in use: the Guru Hub 1 and Guru Hub 2

Guru Hub 1

Click below for a guide to the functions on your Guru Hub 1

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Guru Hub 2

Click below for a guide to the functions on your Guru Hub Mark 2

What is a heat network?

A heat network (also known as a communal or district heating system), provides heating and hot water to each home in a building from a single, central source - such as a large boiler in a basement plant room. 

What is a pay-as-you-go meter?

A pay-as-you-go meter connects directly to your home’s utility supply, accurately measuring the amount of energy used to heat your home & hot water.

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