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About us

We are a national metering & billing agent, working with housing associations, managing agents and developers who look after heat networks across the UK. 

We currently provide metering, billing and payment services to more than 28,000 heat network residents in the UK. Essentially, we help you pay for the energy you use in your home. We pride ourselves on giving you the best customer service experience.

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What we do

Your building owner or landlord is the heat provider for your home. Your heat provider is responsible for supplying the energy to your home and choosing who provides your billing services.

Insite Energy has been instructed as your development’s dedicated metering and billing provider. That means we are responsible for:

  • Collecting your meter reads and charging you based on your actual consumption either through monthly credit bills or a pay-as-you-go system.
  • Offering you a range of payment methods and processing your payments and top-ups
  • Providing customer support about bills and payment issues
  • Processing changes of residents and issuing final bills
  • Supplying welcome e-brochures to all new residents
  • Issuing annual statements 
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What we don't do

However, there are some things that we aren’t responsible for. We:

  • Don’t supply your energy but may support your heat provider with resolving any issues you experience.
  • Can’t change your tariffs without instruction from your heat provider. However, we do help them set your tariff, ensuring they can recover the cost of delivering your energy without making a profit.
  • Do not own the metering equipment in your property. We’ll do our best to liaise with your heat provider to resolve the issue as soon as possible but we can’t always fix the issue for you.
  • If we can fix the issue for you, we can’t visit your property until we received authorisation from your heat provider.
  • Can’t change the debt recovery rate that may be applied to your pay-as-you-go account, without your heat supplier’s instruction.
  • Can only help you with the utilities that we bill for. You will need to speak to your electricity and potable water providers directly for any issues with billing and supply that you experience.
  • We are unable to register as a Heat Trust member because we aren’t your heat provider. We do our best to comply with the Heat Trust’s Scheme Rules, but we may also have to act on your heat provider’s instruction.
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Heat providers

Your building owner or heat provider is also the energy supplier for your home.

They maintain the heat network in your building and have instructed Insite Energy to bill you for the heating & hot water that you use.

Your heat provider is responsible for supplying the energy to your home and choosing who provides your billing services.

What is a heat network?

A heat network (also known as a communal or district heating system), provides heating and hot water to each home in a building from a single, central source - such as a large boiler in a basement plant room. 

What is a pay-as-you-go meter?

A pay-as-you-go meter connects directly to your home’s utility supply, accurately measuring the amount of energy used to heat your home & hot water.

Accreditations & Partners

Insite Energy, Studio 4 Stuart House, St John’s Street, Peterborough, PE1 5DD

Insite Energy is registered by the FCA for anti-money laundering.