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About Us

We are a national metering & billing agent, working with heat providers and property owners who have heat networks installed in their buildings.

We currently provide smart metering, billing and payment services to more than 200 buildings and 20,000 homes in the UK.

Who We Are

We help you pay for the heating and hot water that you use in your home. 

We pride ourselves on providing accurate billing based on your actual usage. 

We always want you to experience first-class customer service and support.

What We Do

Using smart meter technology, we accurately measure the amount of heating and hot water that you use in your home. We then provide a range of ways that you can pay for your heating and hot water usage.

We’re not responsible for the supply of heating and hot water in your home, nor do we install or maintain your heating and hot water system.

What is a Heat Network?

A heat network (also known as a communal or district heating system), provides heating and hot water to each home in a building from a single, central source - such as a large boiler in a basement plant room.

What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter connects directly to your home’s utility supply, accurately measuring the amount of energy used to heat your home & hot water.

Heat suppliers

Your building owner or heat provider is also the heat supplier for your home.

They maintain the heat network in your building and have instructed Insite Energy to bill you for the heating & hot water that you use.

Your heat provider is responsible for supplying the energy to your home and choosing who provides your billing services.

Insite Energy is registered by the FCA for anti-money laundering, not regulated.
Only banks, building societies, financial services and insurance/re-insurance companies are regulated.