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How does my Secure System work?

Your heating and hot water use is measured using a Secure Liberty Connect System, a smart energy meter and heating and hot water controller, all in one. This ensures you are only charged for what you actually use along with a daily standing charge.

The Secure System is a popular metering and billing solution, which is linked to our 'PayPoint' payment system. Your system allows you to easily monitor your heat & hot water use, as well as the payments you make.

Your Secure System sends your meter readings to us automatically, so you don't need to take them manually and is connected to Insite Energy’s payment system via the internet, so it always knows how much credit you’ve purchased.

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Reading the 'Flexi Pay' display panel

Below is an image of the main menu screen

Credit low

The image below shows the 'low credit' display screen. When your credit runs low, this message will display reminding you to make a top up payment. If you are unable to top up immediately you can activate your emergency credit.

To activate your emergency credit press the 'E-Credit' button as illustrated below.

Emergency credit

When the emergency credit is activated, your display screen will confirm this by displaying “Using Emergency credit" It will also display how much emergency credit you have available. Please note that emergency credit is for emergencies only. If you have activated your emergency credit you must then top up as your supply will be disconnected once the allowance has been used up.

The amount of Emergency Credit available to you is determined by your heat supplier.

Supply off

If your emergency credit reaches zero (-£0.00), your smart valve will close and your supply will be disconnected. You must make a top up payment in order to restore your supply. Please note you must be in positive credit in order to reactivate your access to heating and hot water.

Please note that your standing change will continue to deduct daily, even if your heating and hot water supply has been disconnected or if you are away from your home.

Messages from Insite Energy

We may need to send you messages from time to time. If so the message will be displayed on the screen. Simply click "OK" to clear the message.


The Usage screen displays your kWh usage. This is the actual amount of heat you have consumed.


From the Settings screen you can do the following:

•    get information on the communications network and suppliers helpline

•    set your daily energy consumption target level

•    turn the alarm sound on and off

•    turn the indicator LEDs on or off

•    adjust your low credit alert level if you are a prepayment consumer

•    set the display backlight to turn on or off after 1 minute or stay on constantly

•    adjust the touch-screen display contrast

•    erase data from your display

Target level: allows you to set separate target levels for electricity and heat (if available). By setting the daily consumption target you can visually check if your consumption is above or within your desired target level

Making top up payments

Whenever you top up your Flexi Pay system, your Secure Liberty Connect System will be credited remotely. If for any reason there is a significant delay in the credit reaching your system remotely, you can enter it manually. Simply key in the 20 digit vend code which can be found on your PayPoint, SMS, email receipt or given verbally to you if you top up over the phone.

Accreditations & Partners

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Insite Energy is registered by the FCA for anti-money laundering.