Insite is a metering and billing agent appointed by many heat network suppliers – providing smart metering, billing and payment services to thousands of homes that are connected to heat networks around the UK.

We don’t arrange nor provide the energy used to supply the heating and hot water for your heat network, nor do we install or maintain the heating and hot water system.

Insite does...

  • Measure and charge for your actual consumption of heating and hot water, as per the readings from your heat meter.
  • Process your payments for your heating and hot water and maintain your customer account.
  • Measure and charge for cold water, electricity and air conditioning (in certain buildings only).
  • Help your heat supplier to calculate their heat charges so that they recover their costs of running the heat network without making a profit.

Your heating and hot water supplier does...

  • Supply or maintain heating, hot water, electricity, gas, biomass or any other energy source in your home.
  • Supply or maintain the plumbing, heating or hot water systems in your home.
  • Supply or maintain the communal plumbing that delivers heating and hot water to your home.
  • Instruct the heat charges to apply.

Got a question about your account, metering system, tariffs or payments?

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